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[Marketing Sportif, Sponsoring et Stratégies de Communication par le Sport]

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[Marketing Sportif, Sponsoring et Stratégies de Communication par le Sport]

[The hot Opportunity of the week]: Brawn GP F1 team seeks for Sponsor


Former Honda F1 team has been bought by Ross Brawn, former ingenior of Ferrari F1 team. Due to a deal concluded only few weeks prior to the start of the season (this week end), this new team Brawn GP presents two cars, virgin of sponsors. A exclusive case in the modern history of Formula One.

Formula One is the most prestigious sport event held each year. Broadcast throughout the world, it's also the most glamourous and the most expensive. These values attrack a lot of brands that brings a lot of money to teams, pilots and the governing body. The demands is often more important than the sponsorship offers. So, why are Brawn GP cars still white ?
The economic crisis is not the reason why Brawn F1 cars is on track without any sponsor (out of Bridgestone, F1 Worldchampionship series partner). This situation is due to the fact that Ross Brawn took time to find the money to buy former Honda F1 Team. So, he couldn't sell its sponsorship spaces to brands during that time. Hopefully, it seems that its sport performances on track might help him to seduce some brands looking for worldwide visibility and so awareness.

Actually, it could be the opportunity of the year for an international brand. Brawn GP is not the most powerful team, neither the challenger of the world champion title nor the richer one. It's budget is about 95 millions of euros which is peanuts comparing to McLaren and Toyota (270M each) Ferrari (255M) or BMW & Renault (210M each) ; there are only two teams with a smaller budget: Torro Rosso (80M€) and Force India (70M)*.
Consequently, Brawn's sponsorship offers are not the most expensive of the F1 universe. But not the less interesting at all ! The cars could create the surprise of the season, allowing an important coverage of the team and, thus, of its sponsors, in the media from all over the world. The test drives done earlier this season shown a real potential of both cars. With its experienced drivers, Brawn GP has real chance to stand out and to make troubles to Ferrari, McLaren or Renault. Media already talk a lot about this team.

That's why Brawn GP seems to be a very interesting and cost efficient investment for potential sponsors. Don't waste too much: there won't have such opportunity for everyone !

*Source: L'Equipe Magazine n°1393.


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