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[Marketing Sportif, Sponsoring et Stratégies de Communication par le Sport]

la.S.M.S. | la.Semaine.du.Marketing.Sportif.

[Marketing Sportif, Sponsoring et Stratégies de Communication par le Sport]

[Figure of la.S.M.S] : Noah brings Le Coq Sportif back to the States.


la.S.M.S. / Sport+Marketing=Sportbusiness had announced through a S.M.S. Express (right hand side of the page) few weeks ago, the partnership agreed by ex tennis player Yannick Noah's son, Jooks a.k.a. Joakim, and the French sportswear brand Le Coq Sportif. In its last edition, L'Equipe Magasine has revealed the terms of the contract. 


undefinedThe French brand Le Coq Sportif wants to launch its products on the US market. To do so, it has signed a sponsorship agreement with the young basketball player, member of the Chicago Bulls team, Joakim Noah. It has convinced him to join its father and the 4 times Rally World Champ, Sebastien Loeb, both sponsored by Le Coq. With an offer of 1 million dollars per year, during 6 seasons, Joakim joined them and refused Nike and Adidas proposals. The amount depends on the sports performances of the player and its team. 
Le Coq Sportif will be back on the US Market that it left in mid-90's. New products will be launched and distributed at the beginning of 2008, co-branded with Noah through the claim "Citizen of the World ". Jooks is an excellent deal for the brand. He and his father represent the culture of the brand. Moreover, thanks to its two NCAA Champions titles, Noah is well know in the basketball sphere. So, he should be able to help the brand to be more popular and get more credibility.  
However, would it be enough to compete with Nike and Adidas ? Is Noah enough popular to pull the brand by himself on the top of the US sportswear sales ? They focused on a French young star more than a popular star. Who's Noah in the NBA world ? He's just a rookie, and its firsts stats are not the ones of a Best Rookie of the Year, probably not the ones of a future star of the league. Who's Noah in the US sports World ? It doesn't seem to be a star.
It appears that this agreement is actually an investment on the future. A bet. Would it be enough to re-launch a brand in this very competitive market ? Probably not. Le Coq Sportif will certainly have to communicate around several others athletes. Especially american sportsmen. 
But they would move on to a more ambitious and effecient strategy : through a Swiss company, Le Coq Sportif is now the property of Robert Louis-Dreyfus, the businessman who saved and gave a huge boost to Adidas in the mid-90's ! 

More about Le Coq Sportif here (in French).

Source : L'Equipe Mag

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